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Suffer Me Not to Fall

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Performed by Migrant Birds
Mixed and produced by William Evans in Charlottesville, VA
Additional vocals by Maddie Ramey and Ben Hardie


I lost track of the weight on my back
And the stones caught in my shoes
And I walked all the way from the Evergreen State
just to sing the temptation blues

Burn the devil from my shoulder
The days pass, but I’m not getting older

Oh, let me feel the sting
What a fragile, mortal thing

I left home with a fire in my bones
and a hammer in my hands
But little did I know of the winter and snow
and famine of northern lands

Sloth and sleep and distance and apathy
I’ve lost sight of the race set in front of me

Oh, save me from myself
Like a clay jar high on a shelf
What treasures within?
Commitment worn thin.
Oh, suffer me not to fall

Now I need to wake up from my sleep
and take fate in my own hands,
to follow the snow to the places I know
while the faith I’ve built still stands

Oh, Death where is thy sting?
What a fragile, mortal thing
To be fretted away on the whims of today
Oh suffer me not to fall