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Tsar's Last Waltz

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Lyrics and music by Spencer Ayscue
Performed by Migrant Birds
Mixed and produced by William Evans in Charlottesville, VA
Additional vocals by Maddie Ramey, Ben Hardie, Jasmine James, Jack Milford, and Sergio García


Alexi, I can’t stop the bleeding
All the power that I hold ain’t enough to stop the cold
Alexi, you gotta try to sleeping
'Cause the hand of the Dark’s reaching in for your spark
And the shadow of the Fall is roaming these halls
My son close your eyes
And know that I’m here by your side

My darling, I can’t stop the bleeding
Cold rooms with empty beds, vacant eyes in distant heads
My darling, these days I’ve been thinking
about walks in the snow in thirty below
about sunnier climes in 1889
My wife you should be here with me
But who is this woman I see?

My people, I can’t stop the bleeding
All these bullets and swords filling hospital wards
My people, the counsel I’m seeking
is a wolf in sheep’s clothes and everyone knows
That his tongue is a snake but my son I won’t forsake
This charmer would sit on the throne
His guile chills me down to the bone

The blood, it runs down my fingers
And I can’t find a sign if it’s theirs or its mine
But still, my thoughts they all linger
On all of the ways that I’ve hastened this day
On the price of the crown when the walls tumble down
I hear a trumpet blast
This waltz may be my last

My darling, I can’t stop the bleeding
Seems the walls of my land were built upon sand
My darling, I find myself sinking
As revolution sweeps in and brings us to an end
Oh, these whispers of freedom mean and end to my kingdom
I love you wherever we are
This man don’t look much like a Tsar

Oh, Alexi, just know that I’m sorry
I was not enough of a man to fetter death’s hand
Now it’s just you and me, here resting in peace
And forever we’ll stay marching on through the gray
My son you won’t bleed anymore