1. Feel It All

From the recording Winters Like These

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Feel It All

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Released September 4, 2020
Lyrics by Spencer Ayscue
Music by Migrant Birds
Artwork by Tara Lancaster Logue
Produced, mixed, and mastered by Geoff Weber in Winston-Salem, NC


Well now I hear, I hear the echo of some dream
That I had tucked between the creases of my mind
It is a call, it is a whisper
It is a melody like honey and like vinegar and rain
It is a grainy vinyl record with a familiar old refrain and it sustains

And so I pause, and so I listen
Just like a fox whose fur sticks out against the snow
Till something stirs, something awakens
And wipes the sand of from the corners of its eyes
Before I know it, it has grabbed me like it did a-way back then
I feel it still, I feel it all, I feel it now, oh
I feel it all again

And now it shakes, and now it rumbles like the clouds
A bolt of lightning flashing right before my face
Oh how I run, oh how I stumble like a drunk
Who just can’t seem to quite recall his middle name
And at the power here before me I am mice among these men
I feel it still, I feel it all, I feel it now, oh
I feel it all again

Well the book now tumbles open, and all the memories roll out
The lake, the fire, the rooftops, and the ever-nagging doubts
The years of lost connection and then rekindling within,
I’d locked it all away, but now I feel it all again,
I don’t know

Cause every touch and every whisper is a double-edged blade
And if I take it in the ribs, all of this progress is waylaid
But whether punishment or pleasure,
Can’t have the good without the grim,
I’d rather open to the possible, to fight to sink or swim
Cause I’m in the river pushing towards you and any pain that underpins
I feel it still, I feel it all, I feel it now, oh
I feel it all again

Oh my fate defend me now; I will not answer to these doubts
I’d rather face oblivion than never feel that bruised and battered joy ever again,
yes I’ll feel it all again