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Trying to Be a Stranger

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Lyrics by Spencer Ayscue. Music by Migrant Birds. Tracked by Sam Amos and Migrant Birds. Drums recorded by Gabriel Jones. Pedal steel recorded by Donald Monroe. Mixed and mastered by Geoff Weber.


Forgive me, but I'm trying to be a stranger
Oh, forgive me, but the distance masks the anger in my way
I tried to find a little spine to hold the line long enough to shake you
But it's a sured sign with the pass of time I draw myself up to the line and scream:
I never told you I loved you, should've told you I loved you
Then maybe, I wouldn't have to be a stranger the rest of my days

Oh defend me, 'cause proximity's a danger
but within me, still I know I'd never change her anyway
Yeah it's not her fault my heart she halts, a drunken waltz that I can't stop dancing
But when I leave the haze the walls are raised, a labyrinth of waster days and, oh, there's no way forward, no path that leads forward
You may hate me, but I've got to be a stranger the rest of my days

It's long since you turned me away
Yes I heard clear the words that you spoke
But each time that you call it just give me a shadow of hope

They consume me, all the dirges that I sang her
But it wounds me to discourage or defang her day by day
But the memory and subtlety of self-inflicted atrophy are blinding
So I cut the hook and closed the book, refused to take the time it took to burn
But I couldn't shake you, couldn't every quite shake you
May sound crazy, but I've got to be a stranger
You may hate me, but I've got to be a stranger
Still someday maybe, I won't have to be a stranger the rest of my days