1. Eveline
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Lyrics by Spencer Ayscue
Music by Migrant Birds
Engineered by Benjy Johnson at Earthtones Recording Studio
Mixed by Doug Davis of Fly Trap Music
Mastered at The Kitchen in Carborro, NC
Artwork by Tara Logue

Spencer Ayscue: electric guitar, keys, vocals
Tara Logue: vocals
Scott Peters: cello, bass, vocals


Were you lonesome, Eveline?
Was the dark just as dark as it had seemed?
As you lay beneath the leaves, oh, Eveline

And were you angry, Eveline?
Did you weep for all the things that could've been?
For the past and loves unseen
Oh, Eveline, I weep for thee

For the trail was a chameleon and it hid itself from thee
Doomed to wander in the wild, there among the bird and beast
Fate is but a fickle judge and chance a cruel jury
A sentence handed down that left you buried among the weeds

And was it hopeless, Eveline?
As you stretched your arm as high as you could reach
But your calls never received and the world bereaved

And did you rage among the trees?
That forest cage you could not break, you could not breach
That bound you to the deep, that forest deep

And did you wander, Eveline?
Among the stones, among the towering cedars green
Or did you wait, e'er listening?
That saving call never to ring

And did you wonder, Eveline?
Did you rack your brains for answers, for a key?
Or did you surrender, Eveline?
To the monsters of the fates that you had seen
No rescue, no relief
Oh, Eveline, I weep for thee

Were you lonesome?
Are you out there?