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Should've Been in Barcelona

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Lyrics by Spencer Ayscue
Music by Migrant Birds
Engineered by Benjy Johnson at Earthtones Studios
Mixed by Doug Davis of Flytrap Music Production
Mastered at The Kitchen in Carrboro, NC
Artwork by Tara Logue

Spencer Ayscue: guitars, percussion, vocals
Tara Logue: vocals
Scott Peters: cello, bass, vocals


Where was I? Where was I?
When the streets of Barcelona cried?
They didn’t need my gun that day
Yeah, the unions sent ‘em packing anyway
I was down in Tarragona
But I should’ve been in Barcelona

My mother cried as I packed my bags
With García Lorca and a few old rags
We were heading down to the front
Oh what more could a poor boy want?
I took the train from Catalonia
Just to defend my Barcelona

Well Franco couldn’t match our grit
I slept in my fair share of pits
But I wore my colors with honor and pride
In Aragon on the people’s side
I am a man of Catalonia
But I should’ve been in Barcelona

May Days came with great disgust
Yeah the summer brought the worst of us
As we lost sight of our enemies
My city, man, it needed me
I was on the front in Zaragoza
When I should’ve been in Barcelona

With my mother
And my brothers
Taking rest not taking cover
What good is shooting at each other?
What good is hating one another?

The arc of history, it may be long
Plagued by war and death and wrong
But I believe that it will bend towards right
And even if I don’t last the night
I’ll be glad that I had shown up
Just to defend my Barcelona
And I should’ve been in Barcelona