1. The Debt
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The Debt

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Lyrics by Spencer Ayscue
Music by Migrant Birds, with Ben Hardie and Hannah Nelson
Engineered by Benjy Johnson at Earthtones Recording Studio
Mixed by Doug Davis of Fly Trap Music
Artwork by Tara Lancaster Logue

Spencer Ayscue: mandolin, percussion, vocals
Tara Logue: vocals
Scott Peters: cello, upright bass, vocals
Sam Amos: guitar


Moonlight cobble stones,
used to wander alone
down the old forgotten road
to give back what I owed.

A bag of shiny stones,
and a not-yet-wilted rose,
a stack of books tied with a bow
I laid above your bones.

Widow-maker fist,
we used to live in bliss,
but swing like iron and cut like bricks
death’s sweet bare knuckle kiss

Next come: forty years in stripes
the price paid for a life
to an orphan boy with big bright eyes
that cut me like a knife.

Now death whispers sweet,
“Come, boy, rest your feet.
and have yourself a bite to eat,
these errors ne'er to repeat."

Oh, lift me from this skin!
The life I languish in,
oh, God, let me begin again
I swear not to offend

But now my temper’s chilled,
my penitence fulfilled,
searching here at the grave of the man I killed
for the courage to rebuild

Down the moonlight cobblestones
where we used to wander alone
down the old forgotten road
to give back what I owed

Yeah, down the old forgotten road
I gave back what I owed