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Susie in Uniform (acoustic)

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Lyrics by Spencer Ayscue
Music by Migrant Birds
Engineered by Benjy Johnson at Earthtones Studios
Mixed by Doug Davis of Flytrap Music Production
Mastered at The Kitchen in Carrboro, NC
Artwork by Tara Logue

Spencer Ayscue: guitar, percussion, vocals
Tara Logue: vocals
Scott Peters: cello, upright bass, vocals
Ben Hardie: vocals


Susie in uniform
from her shift down by the pier
now allows her feet to steer

Susie in uniform
steps up on the metal rail
the river makes a crooked trail

Susie in uniform
she would do Ophelia proud
nothing big and nothing loud
covered by the lingering shroud
one less face among the crowd down below

Susie, since she was born
with the monster in the mirror
haunts her steps down by the pier

Susie, oh so forlorn
red upon the shower floor
still the monster wanting more

Woozy and weary worn
by the pieces in the bag
makes it so hard not to drag

Susie in uniform
feels the tug of gravity
not the weight of tragedy

Bluesy and bitter born
It’s been a year since she could sleep
counting days not counting sheep
now the smiles don’t come so cheap
crooked river, not as deep as it would seem

Susie, step on down, step on down, step on down
Susie, step on down, step on down, step on down

Step on down, step on down, step on down